cover of you know the road is full

You Know the Road is Full



College is supposed to be an escape. Sometimes escape means the closing of one door and the opening of another.

Troy gets into the university of Chicago last minute and his life, by consequence, is turned on its head. In a city large enough to breathe, he finds it’s not everything he first hoped. Without his friends, he’s lonely. With so much to explore, he discovers more about himself and his own sexuality than he first intended.

When he visits back home he’s excited to see old friends, but less so when he runs into his old bully Eric Byrd. But Eric seems to have changed since high school, and Troy decides to be the bigger person and give him a chance.

However, Troy bites off a little more than he can chew when weeks later Eric shows up at his dorm, drunk and beat up. After a night spent comforting and caring for the battered young man, both are intrigued by the sudden spark borne between them.

Will they be able to name the strange charge between them? Or will the fire caught behind Eric’s eyes burn Troy up from the inside out?


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