cover of we used to be gods

We Used to Be Gods



A tale of vampires dealing with the fallout of a declining social infrastructure.

Shifra and Abir crossed the desert as children and arrived to grassy hills and vastly dark nights filled with stars. The feeding was decadent and endless with the burgeoning cities all around them. But slowly the nights began to shorten, the sun hanging higher and hotter every day. The cities fell ill with a black sickness that left few fresh sources of blood free for feasting. Then the wolves came from the west, and Shifra and her kind were pushed back again and again.

The world is getting hotter. Fresh blood is running out. Plague runs rampant in cities once praised for their ambition for the future’s wiles. The wolves to the west have claimed whole countries in their quest for political dominance, driving out the sick and the other. The world is getting smaller every day.

On the edge of losing everything, two fellow night walkers from the northern territories arrive. They claim they have a way to pass over the light-soaked desert safely and well fed. Shifra has nothing left to lose, but will she brave the very desert she crossed as a child in the hope of finding a corner of the world meant for her?​

They must find a way to survive.


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