cover of vampire night school

Vampire Night School



A new vampire, a trade school, and his lackadaisical vampire mentor.

Walking in the dark to his first day of night school, Hayden is attacked by something that flees into the night. Refusing to miss the first class, he stills goesonly to sit next to a boy who’s rather pale and more than a little interested in the apparent bite mark on his neck. And the fact he’s kind of bleeding on everything.

The pale boy, Caleb, tells Hayden he’s been made Vampire. Refusing to believe it, Hayden goes about life as if everything is normal. When strange things begin to happen and a hunger descends that he cannot ignore, Hayden seeks Caleb out to get answers. Caleb has been a vampire for a long time…but he’s a bit of an odd duck. He only feeds on animals and considers himself something of a vegetarian, he doesn’t really like going outside, for any reason, and he isn’t shy about the intense crush he harbors for Hayden.

But Hayden needs a teacher…and Caleb doesn’t have a choice but to step into the role.


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