cover of the atlantis archives

The Atlantis Archives



First, they uncovered Atlantis. Then they discovered something worse.

Historian Dr. Maika Shaw is offered the position of a lifetime when she is approached by Captain Mars Juri to join a top secret diving expedition to explore a new discovery in Challenger Deep, located within the Mariana Trench. Joined by famed linguist Dr. Nimah Awad, engineer Lita Pentecost, expert navigator Anne Moss, and escorted by the gruff Marine vet Luke Sutter, Maika learns there’s plenty left to learn of the world’s secrets, as well as its evils.

A rupture along the sea floor has exposed a mythical city thought to be Atlantis. In their mission to confirm the discovery and study all that’s on offer, they discover that the lost civilization isn’t as dead as they thought.

Hunted by shadowy dangers, Maika and her team must fight to survive if they want to live to see another day…and decide if they want to show the world their terrible discoveries or accept that some things are better left drowned at the bottom of the sea.


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