cover of peach lane girls

Peach Lane Girls



A pen pal changes everything.

A coming of age story set in 1979 San Francisco.

Delphine is a teen trying her best to navigate a home life with mostly oblivious parents and an exploratory crush on her best friend, Maya. After she finds out Maya is only using her, Delphine begins to act out in increasingly out of character ways until she’s sent to the school counselor.

Surprised with the counselor’s compassion, she is assigned a pen pal; Dermot from Los Angeles, who also happens to be gay and in need of some quality friends. Despite hitting it off, Delphine suspects he’s keeping something from her. Dermot just happens to be running a small time gang. The very same her father is always complaining about in the morning paper.

Their friendship only grows as they both try to manage new love and the seeming chaos of their lives while only ever communicating by letter. Can they help one another or will life tear them apart before they get a chance at something worthwhile?


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