cover of like hell

Like Hell



Caught in a pitstop on his journey for revenge, an injured gunslinging rogue takes shelter under the new deputywho happens to be his secret old flame.

Russ Spear is a gungslinger driven by revenge. After he’s shot by his right hand man, Tommy the Terrible, and left for dead near the old abandoned slate quarry, Russ is forced to make the days long trip back to the very town he swore he wouldn’t return to until he was ready.

One reason among many is Sheriff’s Deputy Shelton Herring, the love of his young and ruined life. Herring by himself is enough for Russ to want to turn tale and run to the nearest saloon to drink away old memories better left dead and buried. Until he exacts the vegeance he craves, there’s no future for a man as sullied as him, and Herring’s an indulgence he cannot allow himself to afford. Not until it’s safe. Not until Russ kills the man who would kill Herring dead…

Russ’s own father.

But quests for vengeance don’t stop Herring from jumping to help Russ when he least wants it. With the sheriff out of town hunting a killer, he and Herring have their own brigand to track down before he carries out his plan to raid the town of the famed Herring wealth. The culprit…Tommy the Terrible himself.

Russ is determined to bring Tommy’s end to meet him before he makes it to town, but he’ll need to accept Herring’s help if he hopes to ever succeed.


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