cover of girl




Stuck in approximately Nowhere, Hicksville, two boys find themselves gravitating toward one another in the midst of buried secrets, hidden pleasures, and unspoken shames.

After being asked to pick up a few of the kids he babysits, Sawyer Hart drops them off and ends up getting roped into dinner with his old high school bully. He hasn’t seen Buck Byrd since high school. It’s been years. But after an unexpected apology for past wrongs, Sawyer is left feeling drawn to the other man for reasons he can’t fully explain.

The night runs long and draws out secrets Sawyer never would have expected to learn. Buck is a tough nut to crack, but he’s somebody Sawyer wants to know. It all starts with that peculiar box of makeup Buck had been walking around with, overprotective and outright aggressive about it.

Turns out the most macho man’s man Sawyer’s ever known has some hidden and all too feminine pleasures he keeps close to the chest. Intrigued and only too happy to explore something so new for both of them, Sawyer offers Buck a chance to be honest with himself for the first time in his life.

But in a town like Ashweather, a secret like Buck Byrd’s could burn them both.


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