cover of fragile wolves

Fragile Wolves



See the story from Dermot’s perspective…

If Hell is what you make it…why not make it cool?

Dermot’s always been an outsider. His parents don’t want him, his friends barely tolerate him, and he’s on the verge of being expelled. If it wasn’t for his friend who’s maybe also his boyfriend, and the group of friends that have been hailed as a gang in the news, he would be a lot worse off.

When one incident thrusts Dermot into the spotlight of the town, he’s forced into weekly visits with the school counselor. His parents were clear; quit running around with his boys, find a nice girl to date, or it’s conversion camp for him. He agrees to the counseling, and is blindsided when the counselor adds him to a supportive pen pal program.

After connecting with Delphine, Dermot realizes exactly how hard he’s been hitting the gas…and the ultimate sacrifice it will cost him if he wants to change anything for the better and hopefully live to see eighteen.


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