cover of blood eagle child

Blood Eagle Child



Norse gods, a child sentenced to death, and monsters of myth. Ida’s story is the key to everything.

The Allfather Odin One-Eye, the King of gods, banished his favorite son, Thor, and his dearest blood brother, Loki, to a realm they’ve long ignored.

As they struggle to navigate a world they’ve not journeyed to for centuries, a Jarl demands they find items of legend to earn his trust. Jotunheim is on the cusp of declaring a second war. Freyja of Vanaheim schemes with her twin. And the most beautiful of their relatives has journeyed to the most dangerous place in existence to seek his claim to power; Yggdrasil.

On Midgard, Ida prepares for her wedding. She is fifteen and due to be sent off to a foreign kingdom. When her husband expects to bed her, Ida kills him and flees before she can be sentenced to the blood eagle. She arrives at the camp of the very same Jarl demanding deeds of gods.

Ida’s story is the key to everything.


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