Bad Nights



Escaping an abusive father, a teen runs toward the nearest neighbor. That neighbor just happens to have a sniper’s rifle case full of secrets much darker than anyone knows.

Killing is easy. Keeping someone alive…not so much.

Hugo Judge is having a quiet night in when the neighbor kid, Rhys Sargent, knocks on his door at midnight. Standing there shaking, beaten bloody, and afraid for his life, it takes seconds for Hugo to decide the kid can stay. It takes a night filled with keeping watch over Rhys to decide he’s Hugo’s responsibility whether he likes it or not.

Secretive by both nature and trade, Hugo finds it difficult keeping Rhys and his professional life separated from one another. Between the teenager snooping around his flat, the way he always seems to shake and twitch, and the constant pressure of the next job, Hugo has to reorder his priorities—and fast. It’s only a matter of time before Rhys discovers the black case in his closet. Only a matter of time before he gets dragged into a world of crime and political power plays any ordinary person couldn’t ever hope to imagine.

But, there’s a catch—or two. Rhys doesn’t seem to be fazed by much of anything…and Hugo has worse to hide than just his classified career.


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