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Hi! If you love my books (or just like getting free stuff!) consider signing up to my ARC team!

An ARC is an advanced reader copy. It means when I’m gearing up for a new release, you’ll get an email with that new book and the details for the release and when and where to post reviews. This includes seller platforms like Amazon, Apple, Kobo, etc, and reader sites like Goodreads and Bookbub.

Reviews aren’t only important for helping out a self published author get their writing out into the world, it’s great to hear what readers think!

Given the nature of ARCs, when I get early feedback it will allow me to make key edits before release. Hearing what you think will help me work out the kinks and deliver a better final book!

Take the survey below to let me know you want to be added as an exclusive ARC reader, and you’ll be added to the mailing list!

How it Works

  • 1-2 months prior to the release of a new book you’ll receive a survey in an email to help you decide if it’s a book you even want to read. (Because who wants to be forced to read something they’re not into? Not me, that’s for sure.)
  • A week after the survey, the ARC copy will be sent in an email if you showed interest. If you didn’t, then no worries! The process will simply start over when the next book is coming up, or a featured title happens.
  • Some months will have featured books, where previous releases will be featured for a round of reviews. You will receive an ARC copy of the featured title a week or two before it begins.
  •  The goal is to get reviews up in the first 30 days following a new release! This helps drive not only sales, but readership. (Which is the goal!)

What You Can Do as an ARC Reader

  • Share on social. Every ARC email will have accompanying graphics for any social media sharing, so it’s all ready and set for easy use.
  • Add the book on Goodreads and Bookbub when it comes out.
  • Post your spoiler free review where possible. (Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, Kobo, etc.)
  • Tell your friends about the book, and share this page if they’re interested in being an advanced reader!
  • Being an ARC reader is meant to be optional and fun. You never have to read a book you’re not interested in from me.
  • Be honest! Honesty helps me know what is and is not working, and it helps other readers find titles they might be interested in. It’s a win win!

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