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Hello! I’m Grayson Sydney, or Gray, and I’m a transmasc author who loves writing across many genres. After sharing my writing since early in my life, I decided to officially start self-publishing in May of 2020 with my debut novel, Deep Black Wild.

Out of high school I couldn’t make up my mind as far as college was concerned. I’ve studied animation and game design, political science, and film. I like far too many things, but since the pandemic I was finally able to get into a creative writing program with a focus in fiction. Some topics I find endlessly interesting are: international and domestic intelligence, cult psychology, military branches, and brain surgery videos. Besides these, I’m a big fan of video games, researching mountain climbing, and cooking Korean food.


I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest and work as a freelance illustrator with the ultimate goal of making a living from my writing.

I have two cats, Theo and Remi. Aside from writing, I also offer freelance editing and cover design services to other indie writers on a budget.

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Future Projects

Future projects include a writing Patreon, audiobooks, courses, and more! If you’d like to connect with me on social media or see where you can review my books, read below:


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