I’m Grayson Sydney, LGBTQ thriller, science fiction, and romance author. I’m based in the Pacific Northwest of the US and spend my time writing when I’m not busy with college.

While I write in most every genre, thrillers and science fiction with a healthy dose of romance throughout hold my heart. As a transmasc writer I want to write diverse stories and characters that aren’t usually seen in mainstream media. I’ve been writing seriously since I was in middle school. It took me until mid-2020 (as well as mid-pandemic) to finally start self-publishing and I haven’t stopped researching this corner of the industry since. While it would be cool to have something traditionally published one day, I feel self-publishing is the future of inclusive stories. After over a decade working in freelance illustration, it’s been a breath of fresh air changing gears in this way. Apart from this, I also work as a blurb editor for Relay Publishing.

My debut novel was DEEP BLACK WILD, a cult thriller dealing with self worth and identity. My next major novel will be FEEL GOOD KINGS, a science fiction thriller set in 1986.

If you want to read just my romance writing, check out my pen name Cay Harrington. If you’re interested in my clean romance, I’ll be launching another pen name later this year with a debut billionaire series.

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Welcome, and I hope you enjoy all thriller/scifi/fantasy endeavors from here on out. There’s a lot of good stuff coming.

All the best,