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Feel Good Ghosts

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Feel Good Kings

Your death is just a tool we haven’t figured out yet.​

Danny Kettler slipped up. In retaliation, his father has moved them halfway across the country. Within weeks he is remarried and Danny is saddled with a new stepsister. So far, the only good to come from the move are West and Olive. Between West, the rich and kind track star he can’t allow himself to want, Olive with her gift for the occult and a secret both she and Danny share, and trying to dodge his father’s fragile wrath and fist-heavy faith, Danny’s got his hands full. He needs to get out. He knows one day his father will kill him, or he’ll die doing something stupid, like telling West how he feels.

Desperate to skip town, he signs up for a psychological trial to fund his escape. He finds himself balancing trying to keep West at arm’s length, compromising his beliefs completing the increasingly violent experiments, and the paranoia that they’re not only making him sick, but are giving him telekinetic abilities.

Led by the obsessive Dr. Linda Stone, the trial might mean the difference between life, death…and something far worse. The unknown.


Peach Lane Girls

A pen pal changes everything.

A coming of age story set in 1979 San Francisco.

Delphine is a teen trying her best to navigate a home life with mostly oblivious parents and an exploratory crush on her best friend, Maya. After she finds out Maya is only using her, Delphine begins to act out in increasingly out of character ways until she’s sent to the school counselor.

Surprised with the counselor’s compassion, she is assigned a pen pal; Dermot from Los Angeles, who also happens to be gay and in need of some quality friends. Despite hitting it off, Delphine suspects he’s keeping something from her. Dermot just happens to be running a small time gang. The very same her father is always complaining about in the morning paper.

Their friendship only grows as they both try to manage new love and the seeming chaos of their lives while only ever communicating by letter. Can they help one another or will life tear them apart before they get a chance at something worthwhile?


"For such a short story it fills your mind and spirit, tugs at your emotions and makes you smile. The author has created an excellent story."
"As a true crime fan, I have read lots of books on cults, but this is the first time I have encountered one in my reading of m/m romance fiction. This is a fascinating exploration of the type of people who can be drawn to cults, how they can be enticed to join, the reason(s) they might stay and the hazards of seeking belonging in such a group. A great mix of m/m attraction and thriller/suspense. Highly recommended if you are either an m/m or true crime fan."
"An endearing story that had my attention riveted right the way through. The characters were sweet-faced with their personal issues. Having support-no matter what we are faced with is the most important thing I would ever want out of life. A problem shared is a problem halved and this is the case here. Looking for more from Grayson."

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